Do you have poor cell phone reception?


Increase the signal strength of ALL Cellular Providers in and around your building

We use the latest in Signal Boosting Technology

Certified Cellular Signal Boosters

EXA is a certified Wilson Pro Cellular Booster Installer.
Our technicians have in-depth knowledge when it comes to cellular technology, microwave broadcast and satcom.

Experiencing issues with cellular signal, quick battery drain or dropped calls?

We can help.

With EXA cell phone boosters for office and commercial buildings stop dropped calls in buildings by boosting the signal for spaces up to 500,000 square feet.  Improve call reception, texting and 4G LTE mobile Internet signal strength for all Canadian national networks. Keep your teams, customers, and visitors connected with an advanced signal booster technology.

    Wifi Optimzation

    Deploying a Wireless Access network requires meticulous approach to design and implementation.

    EXA specializes in Wifi network design and deployment.

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